The Fleet Sentiment Report, published quarterly since 2006, is an important supplement to available industry statistics. Fifty or more of our Fleet Advisors report directly to us their equipment buying plans for the next (3) months in addition to information about their current fleet operating environment. This information gives our subscribers some context to the actual sales and build numbers forecasted and reported by others. It is an excellent leading indicator because the information comes directly from those who actually operate and place orders for trucks and trailers. Actual order activity closely matches plans from our group. Typically those reporting have a median fleet size of 500+ medium and heavy duty vehicles.

Information included each quarter in the Fleet Sentiment Report is current, reported within two weeks of receipt, and covers the following:

  • Current equipment buying plans
    – New purchases planned for next three months- Power and Trailer
    – Size of order and expected use (replacement or added capacity)
    – Expected to take delivery
    – OEM likely to receive order
    – New specifications and new technology being added
    – Used power unit purchase plans
    – If no order planned in next three months – when?
  • ¬†Quarterly Indicators
  • Fleet-reported utilization rates
  • Fleet capacity vs. freight demand
  • 2010 engine technology choice and real experience
  • Overall outlook for fleet
  • Number of parked vehicles
  • Driver Shortage Impact
  • Fleet opinion on current industry issues and product categories

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“CKCVR does a good job getting information directly from truck fleets about their short term equipment buying plans and their current operating environment. We use the information ourselves to help us understand how individual fleet circumstances fit into total macro freight and economically driven demand calculations. The Fleet Sentiment Report can be an excellent supplemental forecasting tool for anyone interested in where the commercial vehicle industry is headed.”-Eric Starks, President FTR