About Us

CK Commercial Vehicle Research conducts research with commercial and government heavy truck fleets.

We’ve worked in the trucking industry for over 30 years and know how difficult it can be to collect important information from fleet operators. The research methods of CKCVR are designed to quickly gather dependable information from the people in the industry who actually buy, spec, repair and operate heavy duty equipment.

  • ┬áDedicated group of advisors from small, medium and large for-hire, private and government fleet operations. See description of our group here.
  • Quick turnaround with comprehensive report typically available within two weeks of data collection
  • CKCVR has been tracking fleet purchasing, spec’ing and other activity since 2006. Our reports give historical perspective.
  • Proprietary research projects for industry suppliers. Contact us to find out how we can help you gather information specific to your needs.

  • Well respected by the media, suppliers and fleet managers
  • Small efficient organization
  • Active industry participant
  • Member TMC, TWNA and Women in Trucking


Q4 2014
FSR Buying Index = 109.5


2013 Special Fleet Report

2014 Annual Fleet Study Now Available with important information directly from vehicle operators.

Fleet Sentiment Report. Quarterly newsletter reporting buying plans, spec’ing choices and views from our fleet advisors on current industry issues. Includes in-depth fleet interview. Available to subscribers.


CKCVR Annual Fleet Study Shows Some Positive Signs for 2014

Fleet Sentiment Report Shows Positive Signs for Truck and Trailer Purchases

CKCVR Fleet Sentiment Buying Index Improves

Fleet Sentiment Report Buying Index Reflects Stronger Purchasing Plans versus Year Ago